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Timaru Horticultural Society

The Society was founded in 1871 by South Canterbury residents, most of whom were arrivals from Great Britain.  They wished to establish a little of their home land in their new country of residence.


The Society was established with the following aims: “the promotion, encouragement and advancement of horticulture in all its branches”.  The Timaru Horticultural Society Inc is one of the oldest established club’s in South Canterbury and is still going strong after 150 years.


With these aims as a base, the Society arranges three horticultural shows annually, all held in the Caroline Bay Hall, (Spring, Summer and Autumn), organises three garden competitions each year, supports horticulture in Primary Schools with the Hurdley Shield competition, and promotes and encourages good environmental practices.


Gardening is recognised as one of the most popular leisure activities enjoyed by members of the community.  The Society endeavours, with its variety of horticultural activities, to provide a support group for the many residents engaged in this popular pastime.  A pride in the garden, an appreciation of nature, employing good horticultural practices to protect the environment for the future, are all qualities which go toward fostering a caring and creative community.

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Yellow Daffodil Close Up

South Canterbury Daffodil Socity​


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Garfield Andrew     03-6887232

Judy Phimister .    03-693 7674

Close Up of Pink Roses

South Canterbury Rose Society


Monthly meetings, Table Shows, Garden Visits

Sandra Grey 03-6157009

Daphne Rissman   03-302 5949

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Orange Dahlia

Timaru Dahlia Circle


Monthly meetings, Tuber Sales and Shows

Jan Chambers 03-6881929

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Lily Flower

South Canterbury Lily Society


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Bonsai Tree

South Canterbury Bonsai 


Contact Wayne on email

Chrysanthemum Close Up

South Canterbury Chrysanthemum


Christchurch Chrysanthemum Circle
Secretary: Mrs Robyn Purcell.

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ph          03 942 9871

Making Flower Arrangements

South Canterbury  Floral Art Society


Jan Chambers


Plant Store

South Canterbury  Alpines

Ngari Orford

03-688 8823

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